Tribr is a platform to drive online learning at campuses and workplaces to fill the skills gap in the new economy. It can help acquire in-demand skills in a flexible and affordable way.

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Tribr aims to create a revolution combining power of communities, great online learning content, network of universities and workplaces to help students and professionals get world class learning in flexible and affordable formats and acquire in-demand skills much needed for internet economy.
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World is changing. Faster than we realise. We need new skills. It can be acquired only through online learning. Conventional education is not capable to deal with the skills crisis across the world, be it digital marketing, programming, economics, data science, film making or learning languages. Tribr curates learning programs which suit you, push you to learn, help you know where you stand, guide you to awesome opportunities and help you win in an uncertain world.

What we do

Curate online learning programs, educational videos and high impact presentations to help students and working professionals to invest their time in the most important and relevant learning resources. We curate it from 65+ platforms from over 5000+ courses.

How Tribr works

Online learning | Tribr  Helps you to decide on the course you want to do saving your time

Online learning | Tribr  Reduces costs of learning one by tenth

Online learning | Tribr  Get certified by top universities, institutions and experts

E learning | Tribr  Help to increase completion in an online learning program

E learning | Tribr  Facilitate peer to peer learning using hub model

E learning | Tribr  Guide them to opportunities relevant for members

Online learning | Tribr


Level up your skills. Affordable, flexible and valuable online learning programs. To acquire in-demand skills for new economy workplaces.

Online learning | Tribr

Working Professionals

Upskilling to stay competitive. Lifelong learning a must to stay relevant. Experience a new kind of executive education. Flexible, affordable, valuable and convenient.

Online learning | Tribr


New economy demands new skills. We work with you set up up-to-date learning platforms at your campuses, to help your students acquire in-demand skills in an affordable manner.

Online learning | Tribr


Upgrade your people with world class learning programs using curated online learning programs from 65+ platforms.

Tribr | class room with world class online learning content

Tribr Hubs

Tribr Hub is a class room with world class online learning content from top universities in US- delivered through wide screen internet TV to a group of 15 students at a time, helping them to take certificate courses and learn from peers in a structured manner.

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Reimagine education

Krishna Kumar

In the new kind of economy emerging across the world, driven by technology, power of communities and creativity, education is seeing dramatic changes in the way it can evolve in next 5 years. The factory model of education is not helping to unleash the potential of individuals. It is pushing people to mediocrity and lesser risk taking.
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The platform also aims to start a Tribr Fellowship, as a graduate equivalent programme, which would be a carefully curated learning programme
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The classroom beyond

Anasuya Menon

Tribr, a platform developed by a city-based digital firm, drives online learning on campuses and in work places.The idea of education has undergone a vast change. A classroom is no longer thought of as a confined space with a lecturer and students.
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Three years ago, Thomas Friedman, Op-Ed Columnist for the New York Times wrote the forward looking column Come The Revolution where he summed up the disruption of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on higher education in this way:
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